Jan 08

Heard from the deck of our hostel

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“If a girl’s cheating on me, that hits me hard. I don’t know why, but if a girl’s cheating on me, that really hits me hard. That breaks my heart. If a girl’s cheating on me, that really breaks my heart. But I don’t know, maybe I can’t love any girl.”

It turns out he’s 22 years old, with brown curly hair, smoking a ciggy, drinking canned beer. He and the other guy had tents on the lawn.

A few minutes later:

“And I’m just like, hey, don’t be a dick, didn’t you learn in school? Didn’t you get beat up enough? Don’t go to the police. Buy pot, and smoke it. Share the pot. Invite someone for a beer, get pissed. Be a good cunt. Don’t be a wanker. Just because you beat up your wife, don’t be a prick to me.”

At this he takes a leak below my deck, and meets two Germans. He’s from Paderborn (Germany), he says. They’re from Munich.

Some Tom Petty-esque music gets cranked up, and, apropos of nothing, he shouts, “You know why I wanna go to Canada? I will meet Becky from Quebec. I will shag her. I will shag her for sure. One day I will shag her. There will be one day in my life. She LIKED me.”


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2 Responses to “Heard from the deck of our hostel”

  1. From Eva:

    Oh Antje, I like your drawing. It feels like holiday in summer. And Conor, every evening I have something to laugh. I really like your stories.

    Posted on January 9, 2012 at 20:50 #
  2. From Esther:

    aaahh, youth – how I enjoy thee.

    Posted on January 10, 2012 at 06:21 #