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January 15, 2012

Drawing randomely

Drawing randomely

Some drawing at our favorite coffee place (Vudu :) in Queenstown.


November 17, 2011

Daily Foibles

Daily Foibles

For those who’ve just bumbled across our page, this is the story:

Hong Kong for a day,

New Zealand for 45,

Two weeks in Thailand,

And a cool, Seattle finish.

Antje and I would like to thank all family and friends, including those who couldn’t attend the wedding, for making our honeymoon this honeymoon. That’s a respectable itinerary up there, goll darnit. Without your help it might’ve read, “Lying in bed for four days with boxed wine and imported Cheetoes.”

We would also like to thank our doctor, Herr Doctor Something, for immunizing us against any and all contingencies, including the areas of New Zealand whose human population is rabid. We’re also thankful for the “all clear sign” and warm, farewell handshake of our neighborhood proctologist. As for our blond female dentist, I’m still not really sure how you can smile so much and be so incredibly friendly and then also have such a high tolerance for pain, meaning my pain. Put me under next time. And put a few painkillers in the candy bowl, like in America.

Hong Kong, we’re coming. Germany, we’re leaving – for now. New Zealand, Thailand, America, seriously watch it. It starts December 1st, and when it does, there’s no telling when or where it’ll stop.*

* (editors note: it stops on February 13th, in Frankfurt, at around noon.)