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Mackenzie District

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To clarify:

A Flat White is a latté with no foam.
A Fluffy is steamed milk with a as much foam as possible. Kids adore it, and it gets ‘em hooked on cafĂ© culture at a young age.
A Long Black is a very very strong Americano, and a Short Black is an Americano.

Still, strange to feel well versed in coffee, and then be confronted with so much newness.


As this area of New Zealand is called the Mackenzie District, I thought I’d share the comic history of the area’s name.

According to our bus driver, a lone traveler on foot managed to steal 1,000 resident sheep, and then…

“It wasn’t long later before he shook hands with the local policeman, and was arrested for theft and taken to the Timaru court to answer a charge of theft in front of the city magistrate. James Mackenzie was a Scotsman. He couldn’t speak English, but he spoke fluent Gaelic. My understanding though is that he told that magistrate in no uncertain terms that no jail would ever hold him. Well, he may have got his wish twice after that, but on his fourth arrest, he was again taken down to the Timaru court, where he was imprisoned for 12 years. Toward the end of the 12th year he was pardoned, and, later, deported to Canada.”


1,000 sheep? On foot? As a hugely conspicuous foreigner?

James Mackenzie, ladies and gentlemen: Scotsman, criminal, dreamer.


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